Top 3 Picnic Spots In Kathmandu

  • Phulchowki is a highest hill located in the southern part of  Phulchowki offers great view of Kathmandu Valley and different mountain ranges surrounded. This picnic spot provides great place for children to play however with to specific spots for cooking. The best time for this picnic is during the winter as it offers great view of snowcapped mountains. One can get the take the public bus from Lagankhel or Bus Park to reach the drop off point.


  • Located 13 Km up from Gwarkho, Lalitpur .Lakuri Bhangynag is a small paradise. It is one of the most visited and vegetation filled place of Lalitpur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunrise view and also the view of Himalayan ranges where the weather is clear. Lakuri Bhanjyang is famous as a picnic spot as well that can be reached via vehicle all the way to the top.There is good facalities of water and cooking place as well which attracts many visitors in this place.



  • Located 15 Kilometers northeast of Kathmandu.Sundarijal covers an area of 5.18 square kilometers.This VDC is joined by Shyalmati and Nagmati Rivers and is home to the holy river Bagmati.This VDC is covered by larger forest and fast flowing rivers. The national park, Shivpuri National Park covers large amount of this area. This place is named after the Hindu goddess, Sundarimai and it consists of holy temple dedicated to deity Sundarijal.Due to its short distance from Kathmandu many people see this as a suitable place for picnic. There are many pre-established picnic spots made by scout and can be used by paying certain amount of money.



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