Swayambhu or Boudhanath ?

Swayambhu and Boudhanath are the two magnificent stupas of Kathmandu valley. Both have their unique history and architecture which make them two of the most visited sites of the valley. Let’s compare them


Swayambhu was founded about the beginning of the 5th Century making it one of the oldest religious sites of Nepal. It was founded by the great – grandfather of King Manadeva.

Boudhanath was founded much more lately than Swayambhu in the 15th or 16th century.


Swayambhu consists of a dome at the base, above which is a cubical structure painted with eyes of Buddha looking in all four directions. There are pentagonal Toranpresent above each of the four sides with statues engraved in them. Behind and above the Torana there are thirteen tiers.

Boudhnatah consist of similar architecture however the dome is much larger than the Swayambhu but the area is much smaller and the temples are much more less.


Swayambhu: Being the temple of Hindu and Buddhist and consisting of many smaller temples is popular among both Hindu and Buddhist as a religious site. Due to its location which is a top of hill and with amazing view of the valley it attracts many internal and external tourists who seek to grasp a great view of Kathmandu Valley. It also has many picnic spots as well.

Boudhanath: Boudhanath stupa lies in the middle of a heavily populated area and mostly is visited by Buddhist for religious purpose. However Boudhanath has established itself as a promising tourist’s destination thanks to its wide range of Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants.



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