Emerging Chitlang

Lying 22 Km south of Kathmandu Valley, Chitlang is a small VDC of Makwanpur district. It is an ancient Newar settlement dated from Lichhivi period. Chitlang offers a peaceful and wonderful landscape. If you want a day hiking and homestay experience the Chitlang is the place for you. With different attractions like Goat Cheese Factory and local wine factory Chitlang will give you an unforgettable experience.

Hike to Chitlang offers stunning scene of natural vegetation, lush forests, Kathmandu Valley and Himalayas to the North. Even though the hike is steep uphill it will totally be worth it. Fields and meadows are another attraction of this small village. The combination of natural beauty and different temples, pagodas etc. has made Chitlang one of the emerging tourist destinations. Best time to visit Chitlang is during the spring or during the summer as the whole hiking route will be filled with greenery. One can also visit the Indrasarovar, one of the largest man made water reservoir which is 1 hour hike from Chitlang.

Chitlang also attracts cycling fanatics .Cycling through the ups and downs from Chitlang to Thankot is an adventure many adventure junkies would relish experiencing. One can also choose to travel by vehicle typically Jeep or Sumo. That will be available in Godam which is the entry point the Chitlang but needs to be reserved in some cases.

To get there:

  • Take the bus to Godam (Thankot) from Buspark, Kathmandu Old Buspark.
  • After reaching Godam you can choose to Hike, Cycle or look for Jeep or Mini Bus to take you there.

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