Nostalgic Panauti

Panauti, A historical village lies 32 KM southeast of Kathmandu. This small town was a small state given by The Malla king Bhupatindra Malla as a drwory to his sister. Panauti feels as if has been left exactly the way the founders had built the town. A nostalgic atmosphere covers the narrow town streets and ancient structures.

It is a well-known Newari town located near Roshi khola & Punyamata Khola. As many villages and town of Newars, Panauti is also steeped in culture and tradition. Visitors will often find colorful stones, petals and other items that are laid out on the pavement to welcome everyone with great hospitality.

It has been regarded as an important religious site since very early times. The presence of triveni i.e. mixtures of two three rivers at Panauti has added and remarkably enhanced its religious sanctity and popularity as well. On account of this, every festive occasion, a great number of devotees from all across the country pour here for a holy ablution and to pay homage to the nearby Indreshwor Mahadev Temple and other holy sites located here. The site is also regarded as Prayagtirtha of Nepal.

Panauti mainly consists of two main cultures Buddhism and Hinduism due to which many of the festivals are celebrated here. One of the most noted festivals that are celebrated is Panauti jatra which is a three day chariot jatra. Panauti being the starting point of two most renewed hiking route Balthali and Namobuddha has had many tourists in recent years. One of the main attractions of Panauti is also the IT Park situated between Banepa and Panauti.

To get there you can take the bus to Banepa from either Koteshowr or purano buspark and then from Banepa you can easily find local vehicle to get to Panauti.




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