Namobudhha also known as Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery lies 40 km south east of Kathmandu in Kavre, Palanchowk district. It is one of the most visited tourist destination of that area. The breathtaking view of Ganesh himal along with peaceful environment of gumba is the main source of attraction.

This magnificent creation of architecture was founded on 20th century by The Very Venerable 9th Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche and was opened on December 5, 2008 officially for the public and now has 250 + monks. The main festivals that are celebrated here are the two Buddhist festival are kartik purima and Buddha Jayanti. This beautiful place has also has a strong history.

According to the legend, prince (Mahasatwo/Ngingdui Tshenpo), at the top of the hill, looking the jungle, discovers a tigress lying near the rock.He realizes that the tigress was about to die due to hunger with her five little babies still sucking milk from her, survivals of the babies depend on their mother. Prince Mahasatwo cuts his body to present his warm blood in the mouth of the mother tiger, and the taste of blood gives the appetite to the starving family. As the tigress accepts the sacrifice from prince she leaves only the bones. The bones of prince were brought back in the village and buried in the tomb which is actual stupa of Namo Buddha. Some about 3500 years later, the Gautam Buddha came in the village of Sange da Fyafulsa, He conducts 3 tour around the Stupa before he declared that he was the reincarnation of prince Mahasatwo. It was the moment that Gautam Buddha renamed this village which is henceforth the name of Namo Buddha which means Hommage to Buddha.




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