Located 15 Kilometers northeast of Kathmandu.Sundarijal covers and area of 5.18 square kilometers.This VDC is joined by Shyalmati and Nagmati Rivers and is home to the holy river Bagmati.This VDC is covered by larger forest and fast flowing rivers. The national park, Shivpuri National Park covers large amount of this area. This place is named after the Hindu goddess, Sundarimai and it consists of holy temple dedicated to deity Sundarijal.

Due to its climate and different rivers, streams and its location from Kathmandu this place as set its name as one the most visited tourist destination of Kathmandu. This place is consist of human made water dam which has given rise to one of the adventure sport that is Cannoning. Further tourists are attracted by the area’s natural beauty which includes fauna and flora waterfalls and cold and fast flowing rivers. This place is also the start of many trekking route include long trekking route like Langtang Trekking Route and Chisapni Trekking Route and also small trekking and hiking route like Shivapuri hiking route. As being only and hour drive away from Kathmandu Sundarijal is also one of the famous picnic spot of Kathmandu. There are readily built picnic spots that are set up by Nepal scout including all the basic facilities like water, electricity etc. . . . However as this place is close to the National Park huge groups are not allowed to go there.

To get there is very easy one needs only to take the local bus from any bus stop. (Buspark or Chahabail).



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