Balthali, Small yet Beautiful

Balthali, a small village lies in the junction of two rivers Roshi and Ladku River. This small yet sleepy settlement lies 40 KM away from Kathmandu. Balthali is the perfect place for a weekend getaway or a short hike. It is home to different fauna and flora.

One of the main attractions of Balthali is its huge numbers of suspension bridge and terrace farming fields. There are altogether 4 suspension bridge in Balthali areas. There are different resorts in that area as well providing night stay facilities .Balthali Village resort and Balthali Mountain Resort are two of many resorts available there. These resorts are famous for their hospitality and services. They also provide lunch buffet which is usually targeted to hikers that hike in that area. Hikers can choose from two hiking route long one and short one. The long hiking route involves taking the route from Khopasi to Ladkeshor and finally to Balthali. While taking this route we pass through 4 suspension bridges, paddy fields and also through local village. The short hike which is the relatively easy route involves crossing smaller suspension bridge and is generally targeted to the people who   just desire to visit hotels.

This small yet beautiful village has come in lime light very recently thanks to its wonderful environment and also the Nepali movie “Chakka Panja “which has most of shots taken in this place.

Getting there is quite simple, to get there:

  • Take the bus to Banepa from any main bus station.
  • From Banepa, take the bus to Panauti.
  • From Panauti, you can either follow the hike route or hire a bolero to reach your dedicated hotel.

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