Srikali , Khokana

Srikali Danda is yet another awesome place to chill and go for a short ride. Located at Khokana a former Village Development Committee which has been merged with the neighboring VDC’s of Bungamati, Chhampi, Dukuchhap and Sainbu to form the municipality of Karyabinayak,  is just 6/ 7 KM from Kathmandu City Limit.

This place is famous among local people due to its wide and flat area that is suitable for organizing picnic and also for its famous temple Sri Kaali. The temple is located at an isolated area and is dedicated to Goddess Kaali and is actually a Shakti-peeth. Srikali Jatra that is held twice a year during Gaijatra in August and Dashain in October also tend to attract many people here. Apart from being famous picnic spot this place also attracts shooting units of music video as well as movies. Similar to one tree hill this place is  suitable the beat the summer heat as the cool breeze in the evening really takes away all your frustration.

Although being  crowded during the picnic season , discipline is not compromised here. A small local organization named “Srikali Chaur Upobhokta Bikas Samiti “is currently in charge to this location and has set up different rules to ensure the locations prestige and cleanliness.

As being in a very isolated place getting there is not easy. There are no local vehicles that operate in this area and due to the condition of the road walking is clearly the best option.

To get there:

  • You need to take a bus to Bhaisipati either from Ratnapark or Jawalakhel.
  • Stop the bus at Awas gate.
  • Walk straight towards Srikali road
  • Go straight towards Khokana Village.




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