One Tree Hill , Bhaisipati

One Tree Hill, locally known as ‘Eklo Dado‘is located in Bhaisipati, Kathmandu. It is famous among local people especially children and youth as a place to relax, fly kites etc. The thing that makes this place so special is the cold wind that blows in the evening which is complimented by the setting sun. People often are seen there in summer evening enjoying cold breeze that beats the day’s heat.

Different people have different opinions and beliefs regarding the formation of lonely mountain. Some people believe that the mountain is a result of Earthquake of 1934 AD others believe that the mountain is a result of battle between the two neighboring states at that time, Bungmati and Karyabinyak. The battle caused loss of many lives and the mountain was formed by layers of human corpses dumped and piled over the battle period. The local also believe that the mountain is cursed and is inhabited by ghost. Some people tell tales of seeing spirits dwelling at night. However the truth still remains unexplained.

Getting there is quite hard if you do not have your own vehicle. To reach there:

  • You need to take a bus to Bhaisipati either from Ratnapark or Jawalakhel.
  • Stop the bus at Awas gate.
  • Walk straight towards srikali road
  • Take the first right from the junction. Then after you can ask any local who will point you the way.





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